Great Expectations Essay

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Great Expectations Timed Write Essay

In the passage provided from Chapter 37 of Great Expectations the characters of Pip, Miss Skiffins, Wemmick, and the Aged P use adequately calm and gentle actions to provide a safe and homely setting for Pip. This passage begins with a description of a post meal event where Pip feels “warm” and “greasy”. The Aged P, Wemmick, and Miss Skiffins moved around in a gentle manner as Miss Skiffins “washed up the tea-things, in a trifling lady-like manner” and the rest scooting close to the fire. The characters together put a scene of comfort.

The Aged P comes off as a child-like figure by the detailed observations that Pip, the narrator, explains. “Clean old chief…just oiled” gives of an illusion of a well fed messy child after a huge mean. Then, a reader may notice how the little things the character around him do will make him happy w/ a smile on his face. The Aged P got “infinite satisfaction to read the news aloud…tip him a nod every now…he’ll be as happy as a king” gives a read a portrait of a child accomplishing something great and being applauded with a nod. He also, “required as much watching as a powdered mill” again placing a little kid’s attention necessities. The character development of the Aged P says a lot about how growing old in age brings one back to the little kid’s pleasures almost as a bildungsroman because as his journey comes to an end he begins to act as a young child.

The characters of Miss Skiffins and Wemmick develop as they emotionally travel to the unknown. Here Miss Skiffins and Wemmick sit side by side but we do not know their relations. Then, as Wemmick attempts several times to make a passionate move unto Miss Skiffins she backs off. “In course of time I saw his hand appear on the other side of Miss Skiffins, but at that moment Miss Skiffins neatly stopped him w/the green glove…” She shows a resistance of any public display of their relation while...
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