Great Expectations Different Ending

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  • Published : September 30, 2012
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Joshua Ashkenazy
Mr. Muir
English II
21 May, 2012
Alternate Ending for Great Expectations
Every book has an ending that reflects on certain themes shown previously in the book. In the book Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, money, power and corruption are the roots of the evils in society. There are certain criteria in making a conclusion to a book. According to my opinion, a book must have an ending that shows that the main character has learned from his mistakes and is willing to let go and move on. The main character should sometimes get what he was seeking, but also should sometimes realize that what he wanted was really not too far away. Two endings were written by Dickens to create a satisfying end to such a prodigious book. I think that the original ending was more suitable to me and was the perfect ending to a long, profound book. A book should not always have a happy ending, where the main character gets the girl. In Great Expectations, the new ending leaves off where Pip meets Estella in the last piece of Satis House left, the garden. Both Estella and Pip have been through a lot throughout the course of the book and Pip finally gets the satisfaction of Estella admitting that she has not forgotten him and remembers the days they were together at the end of the book. They walk out of the garden, hand in hand, showing signs of hope in the future. I think that this ending is not what Charles Dickens intended, and that he was forced into writing by his friends in order that the ending should satisfy the majority of the readers. I personally do not think that this is the message that Dickens is trying to convey in his book. The theme that we can start a new life and live upon the dreams that we had since childhood was the opposite of what Dickens had on his mind, in my opinion. Dickens had a deeper meaning in his original ending, where Pip meets the new, worn out, and tired version of Estella. There is a mutual feeling of bitterness and sadness...
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