Great Expectations Atmosphere and Suspense

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  • Published : October 8, 2007
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Great expectations by Charles dickens was written in 1860-1861. The opening chapter of great expectations is extremely important as it tells of each character from Pips perspective (also telling the readers just how naïve, young and innocent Pip is amidst this gloomy dwelling), for example Pip says "…my first fancies regarding what they were like, were unreasonably derived from their tombstones" this tells us that Pip is a blank canvas ready to be painted on and every little thing will shape and effect his understanding and in a way perseverance of the world around him and those of which he must share it with. If you see a grave stone with a stern, worn and capital font you could picture a strict business figure. You see a small petit stone with calligraphic engraving you may picture a young girl . All introductions have to lure and imbed that figurative hook and not let them go unless they don't want there book to be read past the blurb. Introduction's must be unpredictable, spontaneous and infinitely exciting to deliver curiosity to the reader. If they are told something intriguing will they not want to read on? they'll want to know more and more until no more can be known of the subject or tale before them. This is the key to a perfect introduction.

The opening chapter takes place in an isolated, dark and damp area 20 miles from the sea. Misfortune is always expressed within the works of Dickens as it says "that this bleak place overgrown with nettles was the church yard" churches should be a beacon of hope especially in such technologically deprived times such as the mid 1800's. If I child sees the church as repellent and there is not many other things that world can offer then it makes the place seam pretty dire and Pip being there only makes him seam just as dull. Repellent referring to physical as well as emotional, nettles are infamous for their sting so we don't go by them and we usually give them a wide berth so in a sense the nettles are driving...
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