Great Expectations

Topics: Great Expectations, Prison, Marriage Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: April 3, 2011
English 10
Great Expectations lead to great disappointment

In the novel great expectations, there are many downfalls and disappointments that Pip encounters during his lifetime, if you read on you will see some of them. A few are, when Pip realizes who his benefactor is, when he realizes Joe is not a gentleman and he is lower class, and when Estella the son of the convict marries Pips enemy Bentley Drummle. If you read on you will hear my elaboration of all of these problems.

The benefactor, who is indirectly raising Pip to be a man with nobility and prosperity, is found out, of being the convict, a man of scorn and hate, Pip is so disappointed, he is disgraced, he hates the convict. He cant believe that a man that is one of the most frowned upon men in society has raised Pip to great expectations. Pip starts to refuse the money he receives of his benefactors, and plummets into great dept, and finds him self in jail, debtors prison.

There is one subtle, but bright disappointment Pip faces some what late into the novel, and that is when he realizes that Mr Joe, the man who raised him and had so much fortune for, is a mere peasant, a naïve fool, n-o-t a “gentleman” like Pip, someone who doesn’t fit Pip’s standards and regulations. Because of this Pip ignores Joe and wished he could pay for Joe to leave him alone. Which is by all accounts nothing less than a jackass, and ignorant scum, who has to find him real self, his lineage. Even though it is JOE who PAYS for PIPS (The gentleman) BAIL, on his dept in prison.

One of Pips great disheartens of Estella, is when he founds out that she has married his worst enemy, Bentley Drummle, a man who is also a gentleman like Pip, Estella falls for Bentley and they are presented in a holy marriage, that Pip longed for, for so many miserable years. Pip was very disappointed and depressed; he hated everything in this world after he found out what happen with Estella. He wanted to marry Estella the day he met her at...
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