Great Expectations

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  • Published : May 26, 2013
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Matthew Fine
English 9
Great Expectations
For Pip, the first conflict that he encounters is when he is leaving Manor House from his second visit with Ms. Havisham’s, he fights with a young man in the garden. This conflict leaves Pip quite dumbfounded because the thought that a random stranger would just walk up to him that wants to fight is strange. At first, it might seem like Pip was scared that he would be fighting a boy that he didn’t know and felt like he had no reason to fight him at all. When the young boy asks Pip to fight, he sees that Estella is there, and he agrees so Estella wouldn’t think of him as weak. The fight only lasts for about five minutes, with Pip winning in the end, and also getting an opportunity to kiss Estella on the cheek. Many years after the fight, with whom we later discover the opponent is Pip’s roommate and business partner, Herbert Pocket, says, “[I hope] you’ll forgive me for have knocking you about so [much]”(720; ch18). Pip finds this strange because he remembers the fight going the other way around. Even though this conflict seems very strange, it is a very minor conflict in the story of Pip’s life.

Although a lot of people in the book find Pip attractive, Pip sometimes has difficulty in finding out whom he wants to love in the end. In the beginning of the book, while Pip travels to Manor House for the first time and sees Estella, he is automatically in love, and it seems like he would do anything to win her affection, but it doesn’t seem that the same goes for Estella. After learning about Ms. Havisham’s past, and about how she was robbed and left at the altar, we are then aware of her hatred for men, and unbeknownst to her, she has transferred this hatred of men unto Estella. So then when Pip is trying to be nice to her and show her affection, she seems like she wants no part of him. Later in the book, when Pip is back at the house and the forge with his old family, he discovers that they have hired a...
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