Great Expectations

Topics: Great Expectations, Estella Havisham, Miss Havisham Pages: 15 (5693 words) Published: August 19, 2012
Derick Sackos
Great Expectations: Chapter 1 Questions
1. The novel is written in what point of view? – The novel is in 1st person. 2. Where does the opening scene take place? – It takes place in a churchyard. 3. What is Pip's full name? – Pip’s full name is Philip Pirrip. 4. Where are Pip's parents? – They are dead and buried in the churchyard. 5. With whom does Pip live? – Pip lives with his sister and her husband. 6. What does Joe Gargery do for a living? - Joe is a blacksmith. 7. How is the first convict dressed? What is his appearance? - He was dirty and fearful looking and 7. dressed in all grey. 8. What does the first convict ask Pip to bring him? – He asked for a file and “wittles”. 9. Why did the first convict ask for a file? –He asked for a file so he could remove the iron on his 9. leg. 10. Where is Pip to bring the food and the file the next morning? - He is to give him them at the 10. Battery.
Great Expectations: Chapters 2 and 3 Questions
1. When Pip returns from the churchyard, where is Mrs. Joe? – She is out looking for him. 2. How many times has Mrs. Joe been out looking for Pip? – She had been out a dozen times. 3. What does Pip mean when he says he was "brought up by hand"? - He was hit if he misbehaved. 4. What is the Tickler? – It is a wax-ended cane that Mrs. Joe hits Pip with. 5. Where does Pip hide his bread? – He hid it in his trouser leg. 6. What does Mrs. Joe give Pip when she thinks he has eaten his bread too fast? – She gives him 6. tar-water. 7. How are the people on shore warned when a convict has escaped from the Hulks? – The hulks 7. fire warning shots 8. What are the Hulks? – The Hulks are prison ships.

9. What is unusual about the second convict's face? – His face was badly bruised. 10. Who does Pip think the second convict is? – The younger man who escaped with the other 10. convict.

Great Expectations: Chapters 4 and 5 Questions
1. What is the occasion for having dinner guests at the Gargery's? – It is Christmas. 2. What makes Pip uncomfortable during the Christmas dinner? –He would be caught for stealing 2. the brandy and pork pie. 3. Who comes to the door just as Mrs. Joe is inviting the guests to taste her pork pie? – Soldiers 3. come to the door. 4. Why does Pip think the soldiers have come to his house? – He thinks they are there to arrest 4. him. 5. Why have the soldiers actually come to the Gargery house? – They are there to get a pair of 5. handcuffs fixed. 6. When the two convicts are found, what are they doing? – They are fighting. 7. What does the second convict claim the first convict tried to do to him? – He claims he tried to 7. murder him 8. How does Joe feel toward the first convict? – He is sympathetic; he doesn’t mind him eating the 8. pork pie if it meant he wouldn’t starve. 9. Who takes the blame for stealing the food from Mrs. Joe? – The first convict takes the blame. 10. Where are the convicts taken? – They are taken back to the prison ship.

Great Expectations: Chapters 6 and 7 Questions
1. Why didn't Pip tell Joe the truth concerning the convict and the theft? – He was scared he’d lose 1. Joe’s trust. 2. What is probably the reason that Joe married Pip's sister? – He probably married her to help 2. raise Pip. 3. What does Mr. Wopsle's great-aunt run in the evenings? – She runs night school. 4. Even though Pip attends the evening school, who actually teaches Pip how to read and write? - 4. Biddy teaches him how to read and write. 5. What does Pip find out about Joe's education? – He finds out Joe never attended school. 6. What is the...
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