Great Essay to Persuade Someone's Parent to Let Their Cjild Have a Facebook!

Topics: Facebook, Login, Social network service Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: November 18, 2010
Facebook is an online social network in which was designed for communication and to get "in-touch" with out of state relatives, friends, or plainly for fun. Although originally Facebook was initially geared towards college kids, it is now a online phenomenon to all people ranged in age from elementary school kids to seniors in old people homes. As a result, this means almost everyone except me has one. Because of this, I have now decided to purposed the idea of being allowed to have one myself.

I understand your concerns about safety on this site but you should trust me to make responsible decisions. I swear to never add any person onto my Facebook if I do not know them. Also, I swear to never post any inappropriate things on my wall or anything personal or rude about someone else that could possibly embarrass them. I do however want you to understand that if I was allowed to have a Facebook account that I cannot always control what other people say or do.....therefore if something bad pops up on my wall but it was posted by one of my friends I cannot fix it. However, people will know that I did not post it because whoever did name will be on it. So, if anyone that I don't know sends me a friend request I will admittedly decline it.

Another possibility to me not being allowed to have a Facebook is your concern of not being able to monitor my account. Well it's very easy, all you have to do is go onto and go to sign in. You will have to put my email address in and my password and then you are logged onto my account and can see everything. You can look at who my friends are, pictures, wall or whatever you want to see. If you find anything you think is inappropriate I will admittedly take it off.

I know you are also probably wondering why I even want a Facebook account so I will address that question below. First of all, is that all of my friends (except a few) are on Facebook. This makes it easier to get a hold of them and...
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