Great Depression, New Deal, What Lead to the Cold War

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  • Published : August 24, 2008
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I think the great depression was something North Americans should have seen coming because of the life styles they were living wasn’t possible to succeed for a long time. The economic system was terrible to say something; there were hardly any regulations, the overproduction, and the consequences of World War I. Eventually there had there had to be a crack, people were leaving a surreal life. The depression was something that the country needed in order to learn how to manage its economy. The scar that left in the population was deep, the people started watching where the spent their money valuing the jobs left, saving. The population thought that the depression was mostly the outcome of World War I and that is why they strongly refused to engage in World War II.


The New Deal was a plan made by President Roosevelt to step out of the great economic depression the country was going through. He created a series of programs destined to help the people; these programs were entirely funded by the government, which was a new thing. I think it was effective because it did help the country recover even though it didn’t achieve its biggest goal which was to fully recuperate of the great depression. I think the most important legacy the new deal left in North America was the beginning of the government spent (gasto público) where it intervened and helped those in need and left the “laissez-faire” out of the way. Also the reforms in the banking system were more than necessary.


Shortly after FDR became president there wasn’t a lot of commercial action between North America and European countries, but in 1934 some unconditional reciprocate treaties were signed. Then the Soviet Union was recognized by the United States that put the United States in harmony with rest of the world. Also they established the “good neighbor policy” which deauthorized al intentions of the USA to...
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