Great Depression and Blue Glass Stones

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  • Published : March 1, 2012
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I did a Hooverville from back in the great depression. I built my Hooverville on a big piece of cardboard. I partly spray painted the big cardboard for a mud look. My Hooverville has five shacks and a lean to. The shacks are made out of cardboard that I also spray painted to look like mud. The shacks are held together with hot glue. On the shacks I used some material to make roofs and door coverings. I made some trees and bushes on my Hooverville too, using Spanish moss. I got some sticks out of my front yard to make wood piles for the fires, to show that the people of Hooverville were hard workers. I even made a lean to over one of the wood piles for looks. I have a railroad tracks that I made out of popsicle sticks and tooth picks. I glued some moss along the side to look like grass and bushes. I’m not going to lie, it really looks legit. I have three fires on my Hooverville. One of the fires is for cooking. I used a candle holder as a pot, and I used construction paper to make muskrat stew. Green for the dandelion greens, orange for the carrots, and brown for the pieces of meat. One of the fires is for laundry and I used a tissue for clothes and soap. The other fire is for the small family with the sick baby . I also made a creek on my Hooverville, for washing the tin can dishes. I made the creek out of blue glass stones my mom had in a vase. I got real stones from my driveway to make the creek look real. So this is my Hooverville.
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