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| Course SyllabusCollege of HumanitiesHIS/114 Western Civilization: From the French Revolution to the Present Thursdays: January 31 – February 28, 20136 pm – 10 pm|
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Course Description

This course provides an overview of the principal social, cultural, political, economic, and global developments that shaped Western civilization from the French Revolution to the present. It presents a framework for understanding current social experience by applying historical perspectives to contemporary issues.


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Course Materials

Kishlansky, M., Geary, P., & O’Brien, P. (2010). Civilization in the west: Volume 2: Since 1555. New York, NY: Pearson Longman.

All electronic materials are available on the student website.

Week One: From the French Revolution to the Rise of European Industry| | Details| Due| Points|
Objectives| 1.1 Explain how ideals of liberty, equality, and brotherhood influenced revolutionary France. 1.2 Describe the rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte. 1.3 Explain European agricultural and industrial revolutions and their causes.| | | Reading| Read Ch. 20 and 21 of Civilization in the West.| 1/31/13 | | Reading| Read the University of Phoenix Material: Historical Sources.| 1/31/13| | Reading| Review the maps, timeline, and key terms in “The Industrial Revolution in Britain” located in the Week One Electronic Reserve Readings.| 1/31/13| | Reading| Review the maps, timeline, and key terms in the “Industrialization of France and Germany” located in the Week One Electronic Reserve Readings. | 1/31/13| | Reading| Read this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings.| 1/31/13| | Participation| Participate in class discussion.| 1/31/13| 2| Nongraded Activities and PreparationResources Review| Resource: Ch. 20 & 21 of Civilization in the WestReview the maps, images, primary sources, chronologies, questions for review, and key terms in your text. Reflect on the significance of the Map Discovery and Chronology.| 1/31/13| | Nongraded Activities and PreparationWeek One Videos| Watch the Week One videos located on the student website.| 1/31/13| | Nongraded Activities and PreparationHistory Study Center| Review “The Industrial Revolution in Britain” and the “Industrialization of France and Germany” located in the Week One Electronic Reserve Readings.Choose France or Germany and contrast its industrial development between 1789 and 1870 with the industrial revolution in England. What factors contributed to the differences in industrial development in these two countries?| 1/31/13| | IndividualFrench Revolution and Napoleonic Era Worksheet| Complete the French Revolution and Napoleonic Era Worksheet located on the student website.| 1/31/136 pm| 10|

Week Two: Revolutions, Reforms, and Reunifications|
| Details| Due| Points|
Objectives| 1 2.4 Explain Western revolutions, reforms, and reunifications between 1815 and 1870. 2.5 Identify causes of social transformation between 1815 and 1914. 2.6 Examine the influence of science on economics, societies, and politics.| | | Reading| Read Ch. 22, 23, and 24...
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