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High king of , son of Uther Pen dragon and Igraine. Arthur stands as one of the greatest mythical heroes that the world has ever known. So great was the influence of Arthur, that stories of the high king traveled far beyond the realm of Britain into France, the rest of Europe, the Middle East, and even into parts of Asia.

The coming of Arthur was prophesied years before he was born. Arthur was born into a world of chaos and disorder where wars between different Celtic tribes were prevalent, different Saxon raids charged through the countryside brining fear and terror, and bandits and other criminals ran free all over the British Isles, spreading crime like a disease. When Arthur took the throne however, this chaos dissolved within a matter of years and Britain became an ideal place of chivalry, honor, and justice. It is truly amazing how much of an influence that one man could have. With his advisor Merlin at his side and with the fellowship of the courageous Knights of the Round Table, Arthur transformed a chaotic land of villainy and danger into a realm of peace, tranquility, and adventure. All of Britain looked up to Arthur and spoke of him with awe and admiration.

The real Arthur was most likely a Celtic general that lived sometime in the 6th century. He advised various kings to unite to fight the raiding Saxons. He was most likely a military genius. In those dark days, true heroes were very scarce and the people looked for someone like Arthur to tell stories of to their children around night fires. Through the legends, Arthur spread throughout the land. Minstrels and storytellers journeyed from village to village telling tales of Arthur and his prowess deeds. Soon, stories of the hero had reached over the British Channel into different lands such as France and Spain. Different storytellers such as Geoffrey of Monomouth and Sir Thomas Malory added elements to the stories such as Merlin, Guinivere, the Round Table, and the Holy Grail. Each storyteller interpruted the legends in their own way according to what was dearest to their heart. As wonderful as Arthur's reign was, the high king's life was far from perfect. It was filled with failure, sorrow, despair, and betrayal. As one reads the pages of Arthurian books, they cannot but help feel for the king who tried so hard to live a noble life but again and again saw different failures.

Arthur himself was the result of his father's lusts for Igraine and the murder of her husband, the Duke Gorlois. To fulfill the prophecies of Arthur, the high king, Merlin needed to take Arthur away from his rash father, Uther, and place him into the hands of a noble knight, Hector. With Hector as his foster father, Arthur learned to live nor as a rich, spoiled prince, but as a brave, do humble and hardworking knight who always wanted to please his father. Soon, Uther died and it was time for Arthur to claim his destiny as high king of Britain. With Merlin's wise advice, Arthur proved to be the greatest king that Britain had ever known. The focus of the early years of Arthur's reign is on Arthur himself, on not only Arthur the king, but also Arthur the knight. Adventures passed by of Arthur fighting a war against other war chiefs of Britain to prove that he was the worth king of Britain. Arthur then went on to obtain Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake, and we also see Arthur in brave combat against creatures such as giants and dragons.

Arthur was not afraid to put his crown aside to fight for what is righteous. Arthur also forms the legendary Round Table and has all of the knights who sit at it to take an oath to always help others, and always show courtesy, mercy, and justice. Arthur later was known as the "Christian King" and Christianity became a very important way of life for many of the knights. Arthur's life would not stay perfect after all of these deeds, however. One of the first misfortunes of Arthur's life was the incestial relationship between himself and his...
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