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Topics: Salem witch trials, Puritan, Witchcraft Pages: 3 (775 words) Published: November 19, 2010
| 1600| 1650| 1699|
Theocracy| Williams and Hutchinson’s challenges to spiritual practices undermine public perception of Puritan Church| Increased influence of other colonies, especially Virginia, lead to a decline in commitment to the religious/political ideals| Salem Witch trial discredits the Puritan church, and much remaining credibility is lost| Economic Equality| ___________________| Laws forbid the pricing of an item t more than 5% over its actual costs| Rise of free market economic influences from neighboring colonies lead to failure of economic control measures| Increased Education| ___________________| Every Town of 50 households requires tutor, 100 requires grammar school (1647)| Establishment of Harvard provides Massachusetts with only college educated elite amongst native born colonists|

The New England Puritans that set out to create a model society in Massachusetts did so with many lofty goals. Puritan goals in theocracy and economic regulation failed with the end of the New England way, but their accomplishments in education outlasted this eventual decline.

When John Winthrop set out to create his model society, key amongst his plan was a very strict theocracy. The layout of his settlements, establishment of voting eligibility, and governmental buildings were tied to the Government. By clustering settlers in tightly, he ensured that they would have no excuse for not attending church, and that the settlers would be able to monitor all other settlers’ piousness. Voting rights were granted only to saints, who were men who lived scandal free lives, shared their conversion experience, and repented for their sins. The main governmental building, the town hall, also served as the church. The lines between church and state were almost non-existent. The rise of dissenters in the form of Williams and Hutchinson, which greatly threatened the Puritan church, also therefore threatened the government. By calling into...
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