Great Acoustic Artists and Songs

Topics: Fingerstyle guitarists, Guitar, Electric guitar Pages: 6 (1346 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Song| Artist| Album|
Drowsy Maggie| Acoustic Eidolon| Live to Dance|
The Celtic Hammer| Acoustic Eidolon| Live to Dance|
Sgt. Early's Dream / Maids of Cas…| Adrienne Young| Room to Grow| Mona Vu| Alec Stone-Sweet| Acoustic Guitar Highlights Volume 5| Western| Alex De Grassi| A Quiet Revolution|
Prelude| Alex De Grassi| The Water Garden|
Ripple| Alex De Grassi| The Water Garden|
Circular Motion| Amrit Sand| Acoustic Guitar Highlights Volume 4| A Hiding Place for the Moon| Antoine Dufour| Existence|
Ashes in the Sea| Antoine Dufour| Existence|
Catching The Light| Antoine Dufour| Existence|
Existence| Antoine Dufour| Existence|
Mother| Antoine Dufour| Existence|
The Hidden Moon| Antoine Dufour| Existence|
You and I| Antoine Dufour| Existence|
Wayfaring Summer| Arborea| Wayfaring Summer|
Greyish Tapering Ash| Balmorhea| Rivers Arms|
The Summer| Balmorhea| Rivers Arms|
Number Three| Ben Harper| The Will to Love|
Wicked Ascent| Ben Woolman| Many Moods|
Angie| Bert Jansch| Dazzling Stranger|
Stormseeker| Billy McLaughlin| Fingerdance|
While She Sleeps| Billy McLaughlin| Fingerdance|
The 19A| Billy Oskay & Michael O Domhnail| A Quiet Revolution| Shani| Bobby Wynn| Distant Shore|
Pipes| Boondock Saints| Release the Hounds|
The Nubble Lighthouse| Brian Dunn| Little Maine Town|
Frenzy at the Feeder| Brooks Williams| Little Lion|
Water Song| Brooks Williams| Little Lion|
Deer Dancing Around a Broken Mi…| Bruce Cockburn| Circles in the Stream| Train in the Rain| Bruce Cockburn| Speechless|
Sunwheel Dance| Bruce Cockburn| Sunwheel Dance|
Give a Lei| Bryan Kessler| Slack Key Guitar|
Big Sciota| Bryan Sutton| Not Too Far From the Tree|
Scramble| California Guitar Trio| Rocks the West|
The Marsh| California Guitar Trio| Whitewater|
Eve| California Guitar Trio| With Tony Levin and Pat Mastellotto| Kanaka Nova| Charlie Recaido| Slack Key Guitar - Volume 2| The Rambling Irishman| Chris Proctor| Travelogue|
Sticks| Citay| Citay|
Senso Unico| Dan Crary| Renaissance of the Steel String Guitar| Sandy's Painting| Dave Beegle| Beyond the Desert|
South American Folk Song| David V. Gregoli| Organic Nylon| Angi| Davy Graham| Folk, Blues, & Beyond…|
Poem| Dirk Quinn| Dirk Quinn|
The First Ride| Don Ross| Bearing Straight|
No Goodbyes| Don Ross| Passion Session|
Paper Boat| Donna Martin| Ghost|
So There We Are| Dorian Michael| What You Get For Your Trouble| A Fine Line| Doug Smith| Acoustic Guitar Highlights Volume 4| The Road Back Home| Doyle Dykes| Gitarre 2000|
One Forty Eight| Dwayne Cannan| Wayfaring Strangers: Guitar Solitude| 5 to 99| Ed Gerhard| Acoustic Guitar Highlights Volume 5| Fog Trilogy| Ed Gerhard| Luna|
Mimosas in Missouri| Eddie From Ohio| Actually Not|
Pandora's Box| Erik Mongrain| Equilibrium|
Raindigger| Erik Mongrain| Equilibrium|
Air Tap!| Erik Mongrain| Fates|
Confusion #8| Erik Mongrain| Fates|
Fates| Erik Mongrain| Fates|
Geometrie D'une Erreur| Erik Mongrain| Fates|
Interpretations| Erik Mongrain| Fates|
Mais Quand?| Erik Mongrain| Fates|
Percusienfa| Erik Mongrain| Fates|
Crossfire| Godddamn Electric Bill| Topics for Gossip|
Under This Blue Sky| Gordon Giltrap| Drifter|
Neko Nemurenai| Helena Espvall & Masaki Batoh| Helena Espvall & Masaki Batoh| Straight On| Jacques Stotzem| Straight On|
Sur Vesdre| Jacques Stotzem| Sur Vesdre|
Complicite| Jacques Stotzem| Two Bridges|
Blue Roses Falling| Jake Shimabukuro| Gently Weeps|
For the Beauty of the Earth| Jake White| Sunday Morning| If You Could Hit to Kolob| Jake White| Sunday Morning|
Celeste Pt 1 (Open C Major Tuning)| James Blackshaw| Celeste| Song for Isato| Jaques Stotzem| In Concert|
Embryonic Journey|...
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