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  • Published : March 28, 2011
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Night Chapter 6 Questions
1. What made the move to Gleiwitz so hard?
They had to run very far and cannot stop running.
2. How did Zalman die?
He got a stomach cramp from running so he stopped running.
3. What happened to prisoners who stopped running?
They got shot by the SS officers.
4. Why did Eliezer’s father make him wake up when he slept in the shed? B/C he might of died.
5. Why didn’t Eliezer tell Rabbi Eliahou?
He wanted to spare him from the betrayal of his own son.
6. How did Eliezer almost die in the barracks?
Eliezer was crushed beneath corpses that almost prevented him from breathing. 7. What did Juliek do before he died?
He played a short note from Beethoven before he died.
8. How did Eliezer save his father even after his father had been sent “to the left?” Eliezer disrupted the SS officers and his father went back to the right side as the Officers were distracted. Night Chapters 7-9 Questions

1. Why was Eliezer’s father almost thrown from the train? He barely woke up at the second the Officers were removing the dead from the train. 2. How did the German workmen amuse themselves?
They threw pieces of bread and saw the Jews fight among each other for the bread. 3. Years later, how was the Parisienne’s treatment of the “natives” like the Germans’ treatment of the starving Jews? Parisienne threw coins at the natives which forced the local natives to fight each other to the death for it. It’s much like the Germans’ treatment to the Jews on the train. 4. How did the old man and his son die?

The old man was killed by his son for the piece of bread, and the son died by the same fate from the rest of the Jews. 5. How did Meir Katz save Eliezer?
He saved Eliezer from suffocation from an unknown man.
6. Why did only a dozen of the original 100 prisoners get off the cattle car? Was Eliezer on when the train arrived in Buchenwald? Treatment for the Jews was brutal enough to kill them off. Eliezer...
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