Greasy Lake

Topics: English-language films, Rape, Character Pages: 3 (1228 words) Published: April 21, 2013
The Difference Between, Story and Song
In the story and the song, what is too be learned? The story and the song are different in so many ways. The story has a dark side to it and it is not all fun and games anymore. The boys in the story get hurt and scared. The song on the other hand has a lighter touch to it. The boys are having a great time and living it up. They do not focus on the next day just what is going on at the time. They both show how teenagers can be irresponsible and not have a care in the world. They also have their unique qualities to the story they tell. The setting in the story had a dark side to it. It was all fun and games as they rode around town, got drunk and smoked weed. Then they decided to go to Greasy Lake. They thought they saw their friend and started honking to give him a hard time, but they were wrong. Everything thing went downhill from there. The guy that owned the car was mad and it started a huge fight. This shows darkness by it being late so everyone is out that should not be and there fighting someone could have got killed. The main character had lost his keys and could not find them so that they could get away. Jeff and Digby, friends of the main character, were fighting the guy that owned the car; the main character went for the tire iron under the seat of his own car. He thought, “I kept it there because bad characters always keep tire irons under the driver’s seat, just for an occasion like this” (127). He got the tire iron and hit the guy over the head with it and he hit the ground. Everyone just froze and stared for a minute. This is one example of how the story is dark and what could happen; no one got knocked out in the song. Then a girl came around the car yelling, “animals” (128). The boys just stared and lusted of her. Then they started tearing her clothes off and were trying to pin her to the hood of the car. This is a dark point in the story because they were going to rape the girl. Before they could do it...
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