Greasy Fats to Health Nuts: McDonald's Nutrition Transition

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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Greasy Fats to Health Nuts:
McDonald’s Nutrition Transition

Since 1955, McDonald’s has been proud to serve the entire world some of its favorite food. Along the way of their successful path, the McDonald’s corporation managed not just to live history, but to create it:  from drive-thru restaurants to Chicken McNuggets to college credits from Hamburger U and much more (Smith 347). This change is correlated to societies shift towards healthier lifestyles for obese America. Two-thirds of U.S. adults are overweight or obese (Adams 156). It has been a long journey for this fast food corporation, and they claim that it is just the beginning. The McDonald’s corporation has its heart set on making more history for the benefit of the producers and consumers. McDonald’s is a restaurant business dedicated to feeding people today and tomorrow. Some people believe that McDonald’s is a primary food corporation that could be blamed for obesity related health problems but evidence has proven otherwise. They make deliberate choices concerning food quality, available menu choices, and visibility of nutrition information and educational messages on energy balance (Adams 157). We will apply anthropological theories and terms to evaluate the effectiveness of McDonald’s evolution to become the health food leader in satisfying the nutritional needs at affordable costs for all social classes.

McDonalds feeds people in every social class and is working toward this health trend to satisfy a diverse type of population: poor, wealthy, healthy, etc. Social class entails people having the same rank in a system that differentiates people from high to low. McDonald’s is a popular destination for fifty million diverse customers every day. The Industrial Revolution in the 18th century marked a shift in production from agriculture to industrial goods, urbanization, and the factory system. Urbanizations is a key component to McDonald’s success, the convenience of their product and service makes it very appealing to the consumer. The Corporation claims to highly value that level of trust along with the feedback that they get from the unique and intimate relationships with local customers all over the world. The McDonald’s corporation realizes their responsibilities and stands proudly behind their golden arches. Today, consumers rely more on companies for positive change rather than the government because retail is not only about revenue but responsibility as well. “We do not offer ‘fast food;’ rather, we provide ‘good food fast’” (Adams 157). Through the eyes of an anthropologist, children are brought up by their parents who teach them about the norms, values and skills of their culture. The nuclear family, containing a husband, wife and kids, is the initial source of information and knowledge for children. As McDonald’s popularity increased, more families shared meals at one of their locations and the youth of the nation began to gain a taste for McNuggets or a Big Mac. Thus, the socialization of regularly eating at fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, evolved into a social norm. The food McDonald’s serves provides essential dietary nutrients and it is also cheap and tastes good. The beef is a good source of protein and iron. The salads have become a popular menu choice, and the numbers prove that they provide good sources of nutrients to their customers. Worldwide, they continue to add more choice to their menus. People still think of McDonald’s as a “burger place,” but in many countries, they sell more chicken than beef and they sell salmon and couscous in salads in Europe. Also, they sell dinner entrees with chicken, vegetables, rice, or pasta in Australia. Today, their focus is on meals including fruits and vegetables since experts around the world agree that people should eat these more often (Smith 385). There is an intense focus on providing an increasing number of choices for Happy Meals because now people can mix and match their...
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