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Topics: Love, Grease, Rosie O'Donnell Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: November 18, 2010
The movie Grease was produced in the year 1978. The name of the movie, Grease, doesn’t come off as a singing movie with people dancing. The movie is based on two people who fell in love over summer break. They never would have imagined that they would be going to school together when school started back in the fall. Not knowing that they went to school together, Sandy a Australian transfer who later became a member of the Pink Lady‘s. “Danny(John Travolta) is the coolest greaser at Rydell High, and a member of the T-Birds.” (Davis). They found each other and started to hang out again. Danny acting hard around Sandy and pushed her away. This is where all of the excitement went on in the movie.

This movie is my favorite movie of all times. I would have loved to be in this movie or just have it happen in real life. Sandy reminds me of myself so much. She is a very shy girl until the end of the movie. I am a shy person until I get to know people also. Sandy lets Danny bring out her wild side that she would only do because she loves him. Danny tries to impress Sandy by trying out for the baseball and basketball team. He wasn’t good at sports at all but he was doing it for Sandy in the end. I can relate to some of the other characters as well. The movie has real life encounters that make the movie so much better.

All of the characters had different personalities but one stood out that no one could forget. “Blame the producers for deceiving the audience or credit Rosie O'Donnell's agent for pushing hard, but O'Donnell gets biggest billing for the secondary role of Betty Rizzo, tough girl with a heart of gold“ (Everett). I love how everyone sticks together no matter what. Whenever they was having the race against the other club, they was all their for Danny. They cheered him on to help him win the race. Also whenever Franzz thought she was pregnant they was there for her to support her. She was worried about what people would think about her if she was pregnant....
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