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Topics: Logic, Exercise, Health club Pages: 2 (704 words) Published: March 20, 2011
The following appeared in a memorandum written by the vice president of Nature's Way, a chain of stores selling health food and other health-related products. “Previous experience has shown that our stores are most profitable in areas where residents are highly concerned with leading healthy lives. We should therefore build our next new store in Plainsville, which has many such residents. Plainsville merchants report that sales of running shoes and exercise clothing are at all-time highs. The local health club, which nearly closed five years ago due to lack of business, has more members than ever, and the weight training and aerobics classes are always full. We can even anticipate a new generation of customers: Painesville’s schoolchildren are required to participate in a 'fitness for life' program, which emphasizes the benefits of regular exercise at an early age."

This material written in a memorandum concludes that building a new store in Plainsville would be profitable. The residents who are largely concerned with healthy lives are likely to purchase health food and health-related products, which was proved by local sales of running shoes and exercise clothing. Besides, the argument cites that a health club located in Plainsville is popular for its weight training and aerobics exercise, in addition, a program called 'fitness for life' is requiring pupils of taking regular exercise. The seemingly reasonable results lead to the indication that the profit is sizable if starting a new store in Plainsville, such conclusion depends on a series of unsubstantiated assumptions and thus, is unconvincing.

The huge percentage of residents who are aware of healthy lifestyle has engendered the false assumption that people tend to buy health-related commodities produced by Nature's Way corporate. It is disconnected with reality. We all know that once getting used to a certain band of sports clothes and shoes which make customers feel most comfortable,...
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