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  • Published: January 31, 2013
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103 I concede with the speaker that the study of history is relevant to our daily lives. History can guide our lives today in some way. Nevertheless, they are not merely related to daily lives, they meet the needs of future generations. In my view, the study of history is not only relevant to our daily lives, but also has close connections with future generations.

The study of history is close to our daily life. After all, history is similar to current life today under some circumstances and thus it is able to guide life today. Nowadays, historians pay great attention to the study of rise and fall of Chinese dynasties in the past, which bring great guidance to the leaders. The destruction of all categories of dynasties teaches them how to found a solid government and how to treat their citizens. Two typical reasons of the destruction are as follows. One is that the monarchies did not know how to use their success after attaining it. Some of them were just satisfied with their life at that time and they did not want to improve it any more. Others did not want to move at all and they merely enjoyed the throne that was passed down from generation to generation. Even cruel, like Napoleon, he did not focus on the quality of his citizens, but in turn declare wars which ruined people's quiet lives and were great adversities to them and he even dreamt of conquering the whole Europe. The other reason is the obvious graduation among people, which formed the inequity and discrimination among people. The analyses teach leaders today to treat their people equally and to try their best to focus more on improving people's lives and solving living difficulties. It illustrates that the study of history is quite important and vital to daily lives today.

However, the extent is not just limited to lives today. If so, then why so many historians today pay so much attention to the study and regard it as the most worthy thing of their whole lives? Considering the cost and...
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