Gravel Berry Pie King

Topics: The Flintstones, Fred Flintstone, Barney Rubble Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Gravel Berry Pie king

In the Flintstones episode gravel berry pie king Fred Flintstone is approached by his fellow employees that want him to confront Mr. Slate requesting benefits and a raise in salary. Following Gazoo’s advice he speaks with Mr. Slate who suggests that he will compensate the other employees using the money that he will have now that Fred is no longer working there. Unable to tell Wilma about being fired, Fred goes to the park with the lunch Wilma has prepared for him, including a gravel berry pie, which impresses Mr. Safestone a wealthy venture capitalist and super market tycoon who happened to be in the park. Mr. Safestone wants to sell frozen gravel berry pies in bulk at his super markets, Fred pictures himself as an entrepreneur and the gravel berry pie king, and the two establish a “handshake deal”. Generating a partnership with Fred’s family and the Rubbles, they start planning on the first order of fifty frozen pies. Fred uses the advanced money to market himself as the gravel berry pie king and puts his picture dressed in a king’s robe and crown on every pie; he also assumes the responsibility to delegate the product layout, and the two families including the babies and pets manufacture the pies on an assembly line. They sell the first fifty pies and receive another order for five hundred more at forty cents each pie, Wilma calculates that there inventory is costing them twelve cents additional to make each pie. Without the means to outsource they will go bankrupt if they continue. When Fred discovers this undercapitalization, his moral changes, and his mission is to generate a profit. Fred takes this information to Mr. Safestone and taking Gazoo’s bad advice once again he proposes an increase far above what is needed, Mr. Safestone opts out of the deal. Fred is now left with five hundred frozen pies, using his marketing skills he creates a sign on the side of the road asking less than the original forty cents per pie, and...
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