Grave of Fireflies

Topics: World War II, Sibling, Tin can Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: October 27, 2010
Set in the modern day city Kobe, The Grave of Fireflies is an animated movie based on the lives of a brother and his sister and their journey to survive as Japan nears the end of the war. Our protagonist, a teenage male named Seita quickly understands the meaning of adulthood when he is faced with the responsibility of his toddler sister, Setsuko. Throughout the film, Seita and Setsuko experience the hardships of survival without any comforts of a safety net in life. As the story starts in the modern day train station, Seita slowly recounts his death. All that is found in his possession is the simple fruit candy tin, which is thrown across the field. From its ashes emerge fireflies and the spirit of Setsuko and Seita to retell the story of their death. With a crisis in the village from a constant threat of bombing, Seita is forced to carry his sister from the attacks raining from above. This is the beginning of their expedition in a cold world of victimization. In an effort to be an ideal role model, Seita found every way possible to provide food for his younger sister. For instance, after their visit to the doctor, Seita realized that Setsuko was malnourished and needed immediate attention. She requested a list of food to eat and at the end of that list was a request for “fruit drops.” Seita went to great lengths to withdraw all the money they had left in his mother’s account and purchased multiple items for her to eat. Unfortunately by the time he reached her, it was too late. The fruit drop tin can represents the trials Seita went through in order to obtain the candy for his younger sister. It symbolizes the continuous efforts which eventually amounted to nothing. The fact that the tin can was recurring throughout the movie just showed the audience the levels of false hope that reality could provide. This just goes to show that not everything turns out the way that people tend to hope for. In life there are disappointments and it is a matter of how you deal...
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