Grated Unit 2 Planning

Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Marketing strategy Pages: 6 (1534 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Graded Unit2


Candidate Name: ZHANG Yuqing
Candidate ID:115422243
Instructor :Tongjing


1.1 Title of the project
“marketing strategies of McDonald in China” is the title of my investigation.

1.2 objective of the project
I would like to evaluate the strengths and disadvantages marketing strategy of McDonald. The main objective of this project can be described into two parts including market strategy and describing the Pricing and distribution politics. The sub-objectives are as follows: 1· To introduce The historic context of McDonald.

2· To analyze the basic types of strategic McDonald adopted in China. 3· To understand the pricing and distribution politics of McDonald in China. 4 ·To compare the marketing strategy of McDonald with KFC 's in China. 5· To analyze Why does McDonald choose the different marketing strategy? And what market environment is McDonald in China facing.

1.3 Statement of issues to be investigated
In order to know the marketing strategies of McDonald.
►At first,investigate the background of McDonald:
·The historic context of McDonald.
·The development of the McDonald.
►Secondly,investigate the needs of customers and the consumption habits in China and how did these information influence the marketing strategies decision making. ►Thirdly,the method which McDonald used to collect the feedback form the customers and how these information used during the pricing and distribution politics making. ►The difference in marketing strategy between McDonald and KFC in China. ►Finally,analyze the market environment of McDonald in China and measures for improvement made by McDonald.

1.4 Reasons for the choice of issue and how this issue directly relates to topics. All the information which i have investigate is about marketing strategy,it is necessary To know the The historic context of McDonald first that the background and development will effect McDonald's development and marketing strategy decision making ,for the same reason that a company's enterprise culture is also effect the marketing strategies ,although the marketing strategy of McDonald in China is widely recognized by Chinese customers,it also has many problems. Some necessary background information of the McDonald's in the particular management mode and the appropriate marketing strategy have to provide to the reader.consumption pattern of China is crucial , which has been affect daily management behavior of the McDonald's company,it allows the company to get better marketing strategy and enlarge market share. in addition, McDonald's company enter the Chinese market because of the huge consumer population and good economic policies, as well as the increasingly products, Compared with other countries, why do McDonald choose the Chinese market. it is very important to describe China's investment environment. McDonald's is a fast food company and it links our daily life closely . When McDonald's has won most of the Chinese market share and profit, so the market will be saturated. Therefore, the marketing strategy is to become inevitable to help the company earn sustainable growth.

1.5 Covered as part of the group award
Several subjects are involved in my study. One of the biggest and whose knowledge relates to most subject is Marketing: An Introduction,“Marketing: An introduction”, one of which is marketing mix consisting in 4Ps such as Price, Promotion, Place and Product. I would investigate the McDonald's marketing mix, and try to understand the detailed inferences of McDonald's marketing strategies——promotion strategies ,product modification and siting of the new multiple shop and pricing strategies Such things are all correlative in this subject. The other subjects is “Business culture and strategy" it outline main strategic options for organizations, which are to achieve a competitive...
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