Grassroots Change Rubric

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Homework- Grassroots Assignment
DUE Sunday, February 17 by midnight (via email:

Description: Utilizing the “Step by Step Guide- 17 steps for accomplishing grassroots change” by Hakikur Rahman and the provided questions below, select a community service organization that is currently working at the local or global level to address an issue related to the social issue in which you are interested (you cannot choose one of the organizations that we are partnered with this quarter). Write a 2-3 page paper describing how the organization did or did not follow the steps of grassroots change. Each phase should have a corresponding paragraph in the paper, with an introduction and conclusion. You will need to call, visit, or research the organization.

*Be sure remember to be professional in dress and communication when contacting an organization. State who you are and your purpose for calling. (Ex. Hello, my name is ___ and I am a student at the Minnesota School of Business. I am calling to learn more about your organization and how it got started. Is there someone I could speak to for 5-10 minutes about your organization? I would appreciate any help you could give me.) Be sure to thank them at the end.

The questions below are a guide for you, please be aware that you should not call an organization and simply ask them the questions below. Many of the terms that we might use in class, may not be familiar to an organization. Utilize your knowledge from class to answer the question about the organization or to create more user friendly questions to help you address each phase. There are also example Grassroots essays posted on CampusConnect.

Phase One: Choose an Issue
1. What issue did this organization choose to focus on? How did they know it would be successful? 2. Why were the starters passionate about this issue?
3. Where else is this issue a problem? Are there other organizations working to try to solve this...
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