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Sketches of ideas and designs are the initial ideas of a product or object. They are very quick sketches to show shape and form. Annotations around the sketch help to explain how the design works. Sketching Enhancement There are many ways of enhancing your sketches these include: Thick & Thin line – the outline of a sketch is ‘lined-in’ to make the shape stand out. Tonal Shading – the use of light and dark shading to create the illusion of 3D. Colour – used to make sketches stand out and attract attention to important features. Texture & Material representation – different materials can be represented by adding effects to the sketch. Grids & Underlays - Grids and underlays are used to support and enhance different drawing skills. There are different types including letter grids, isometric grids, number grids and orthographic grids. Understanding colour – understand the meanings of colours, tones and hues, colour separation and fusion.

Thick & Thin Adding thick and thin lines to a sketch can enhance its effect. If only one face to an edge can be seen it is drawn in a thick line, if there are two faces visible then it is a thin line. Example – the cube below has thick lines around the edge as only three of the six sides can be seen from this angle. Tonal Shading Tonal shading is using light and dark tones to add a 3D effect to a design or object. This can either be done is solid colours or using gradients. Example – the cubes on the right show the difference between solid and graduated tonal shading.

Texture & Material representation Different materials and textures can be represented by adding effects to the sketch. This is the perfect way to show the material the product/object would be made from. It is very important to know the properties and appearance of different materials in order to portray them accurately. Example – the bottle and hair-dryer show how different materials can be...
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