Graphical User Interface and Pane Displays Information

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  • Published : May 10, 2011
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A. Details pane – displays information about the drive, folder, or file selected in the Content pane. B. Operating System – a set of instruction that coordinates the activities of your computer. C. Snipping Tool – A program that captures a screen or part of a screen… D. Windows Aero – The Windows 7 user interface that features a three-dimensional look, with transparent window frames, live previews of open windows, and multiple color schemes. E. Graphical User Interface (GUI) – a computer interface that shows documents as they will look in their final form and uses icons to represent programs. F. Paint – a simple drawing program included with Window 7 G. Taskbar – displays the Start button and the name of any open documents; it may also display shortcut buttons for other programs. H. All programs – command at the bottom of the Start menu that takes you to other programs on your computer. I. Minimize – to remove the window from the screen without closing it J. Maximize – to increase the size of a window to fill the screen K. Vertical Scroll Bar – the bar at the right side of a window that enables you to move up and down to view information that extends beyond the top and bottom of the screen. L. Horizontal Scroll Bar – the bar the bottom of a window that enables you to move left and right to view information that extends beyond the left and tight edges of the screen. M. Drag – move the mouse pointer while holding down the primary mouse button (usually left) and t hen release at the appropriate time. N. File folder – work that you save and store on a drive, such as a Word document or a PowerPoint presentation. O. Windows explorer – a program that enables you to create and manage folders, and copy, move, sort, and delete files. 1. When you create a search folder, it displays in the Navigation pane under this category – FAVORITE 2. When you create a new folder, the folder name displays – IN EDIT MODE 3. Custom tags...
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