Graphic Design Versus Web Design

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Graphic Designing Print versus the Web

Graphic designing for print media versus designing for the web can be a different experience for most. To better understand the differences of designing for print versus web design, they can be compared in these three categories: types of media, technology, and careers that are offered in these fields. Graphic designing for print versus the web has come a long way over the years. “Fifteen years ago, there were no web designers”. (Raquedan) Graphic designing has changed and has now become more advanced with web design than printing. Below are the differences between the two and how web design is more efficient with more advances than costly printing graphic designing offers.

The first difference between graphic designing for print versus the web in media is what what types of work that are offered in each field. As a print designer, most are offered with job opportunities that may have consignments to work on a magazine advertisement with large companies such as Cosmopolitan and Redbook. Another field of work that is offered is product design and packaging for companies that are always updating packaging material such as the United States Post Office or UPS. And another type of work that may be offered in print design is to design business cards and logos for local and regional companies.

As a web designer most are offered with job opportunities that are still on consignment to work on standard HTML websites and flash media websites for companies such as “Fantasy Interactive that immediately shows off the quality of their work with rich 3-D graphics, even before you enter the portfolio”. (Miller) Another company is “Matthew Mahon a photographer that shows his work in a smooth, slick and fun flash portfolio”. (Miller) Other types of media that can be offered are banner advertisements for large companies such as and Even though the list of media can go on for both types of designing,...
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