Graphic Design Personal Statement

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  • Published : February 23, 2010
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Graphic design is a way of skilfully portraying your own style using typography, layout and visual aesthetics to articulate design with a commercial purpose. I believe that I naturally acquired excellent creativity and design skills which have developed throughout my life as my understanding and knowledge base of Graphic design has amplified. I see university as an opportunity to improve my skills, ready for a future career in Graphic Design. During my time at college, I spent the first few months swap from different subjects. Eventually I came across Graphics and I quickly realised in my AS Levels that it was the right course for me. I have always been interested in graphic design, and have a keen interest in Album Artwork, Posters and Magazine covers. These are some career paths I hope to become involved in during my degree, in the form of free lancing. I believe doing this alongside my course will only increase my passion for a medium that I already strive to excel in, and I feel this will benefit me in the future as I gain credibility and further awareness by working with clients. I am studying fine art, psychology and graphic design of which have all helped me to become accustomed to a large work load and given me the ability to commit myself to my work and ensure that it is completed to the best of my ability. By studying Psychology I have developed an understanding of human behaviour and how the mind works, i believe i can use this knowledge in graphic design to relate to those whom my work appeals to, the target audience. As graphic design is linked with the commercial society, it takes good communication skills to become a good designer as you need to communicate a particular message; I have worked in a coffee shop as a waitress for over a year and I believe that my communication skills have developed during this time. I am now able to use my initiative to deal with problematic situations effectively without referring to higher status of employment. I...
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