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  • Published : May 11, 2011
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Finding the perfect career for oneself in the industry of Graphic Design may be very tough. If one takes responsibility, likes being in charge, and loves art, advertising and production, then a creative art director is the right choice. Creative art directors are “in charge of a creative team” producing artwork that is displayed “in magazines, on TV, billboards, the web, and products” (Creative - Art Director Jobs and Career Information). There is much to look at when looking into becoming and being a creative art director.

Becoming a creative art director doesn’t happen overnight. There are many skills, and much training is required to become a creative art director. Most start in high school. Many high schools offer courses that help acquire certain skills that are needed. Art, drawing, art history, graphic design, illustration, advertising, and desktop publishing are some of these courses offered. Math is also very important. Calculating percentage reduction or enlargement of a picture is involved in elements of sizing an image (Art Directors 16). Other high school courses that would be helpful towards getting a career in the graphic arts industry or as a creative art director, are business, computing, English, technical drawing, cultural studies, psychology and social sciences. A college degree is not always required, but it is common for employers to prefer it. For this type of career, it is also very important to know and understand computer art and layout programs. There is no rule that an Art Director has to have a specific degree, but “most advertising agencies require at least a Bachelor’s degree… in graphic or advertising design” (Clark, Fehl 11).

Although schooling is a very important necessity in most cases, there is more to becoming and being a creative art director. According to the book Ferguson’s Careers in Focus; Art, “The work of an art director requires creativity, imagination, curiosity, and a sense of adventure" (17). One must be able...
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