Grapes of Wrath Outline

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  • Published : April 15, 2012
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English 10 H- prd.6
15 April 2011
I. A. Topic sentence: In the 1930’s a draught hit the Midwest, turning the farming business upside down and forcing them to move West to find a new life. B. The draught in the Midwest caused a halt in the production of crops, which was many families only income. The families then had to pack up their lives and move on to the West, to places such as California, in hope of finding work and a new home. This all was a disappointment due to the fact of the over population and horrible work conditions, causing the people to form unions and organized labor movements in order to fight the abuse they were under going from the government and farm owners. C. Thesis Statement: In The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck talks about the 1930’s farm labor movements and unions through characters such as Tom and Casy in order to show their importance. II. A. The farm owners in California always had workers to do their jobs for them, giving the workers’ minimum wage and they feasted on the benefits. B. At first the workers were immigrants for other countries, but once the draught occurred it became refugees known as the Okies who were farming families from Oklahoma. The Okies were families looking for new land to settle on or men who were planning to find work and send the money back to their families. Soon they were exposed to the horrendous conditions of their living arrangements; families lived in homes with one room and no pluming or electricity. Often times there was only one bathroom for over 300 people. In worse cases families had to live in tents where disease ran rampant (Schultz). C. After all of this workers decided to refuse and halt the picking process and hold a protest, the farm owners evicted the workers from the labor camps they owned. The workers then moved into camps formed by Agricultural Workers Industrial Union, a union that was formed by farmers who took action. Another...
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