Grapes of Wrath

Topics: Tom Joad, The Grapes of Wrath, Rose of Sharon Pages: 3 (920 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Tom Joad
-Tom Joad is a man that genuinely worries for his own family and has a hard exterior, but beneath that lies a kind and often merciful, but quick to anger and fiercely independent person. Furthermore, he also hates it when people swerve on purpose just to hit an animal. "Gives me a little shakes ever' time" page 185.

- Tom Joad changed severely throughout the book from the selfish person he was, to a figure committed to bettering the future, as well as an improved leader for the family. Ma Joad
-Ma Joad is a mother of six children and is one one tough person who is accustomed to hardship and deprivation and has a strong intuition. Also, Ma is a forceful woman who is determined to keep her family together at nearly all costs, yet remains kind toward all, even sparing what little the family has for those even less fortunate. Like on pages 252-258, when Ma made stew for the family at the Hooverville camp and left some leftovers for the starving children that where standing around watching her as she cooked it. Furthermore, Ma Joad is the backbone of the family. “She seemed to know, to accept, to welcome her position, the citadel of the family, the strong place that could not be taken. And since Tom and the children could not know hurt or fear unless she acknowledged hurt and fear, she has practiced denying them in herself.” Page 74.

-In the beginning of this book, Ma Joad was a strong woman. Throughout all the obstacles, she remains nonchalent, even when she's lost her house, her land, and has to burn her earthly possessions. By the end of this book,, she is still a strong woman and it seems her strength only grew throughout the course of the novel. Pa Joad

-Pa Joad is the patriarch of the family, who doesn’t like people talking back to him. He is a father of six children and having lived in Sallisaw, Oklahoma for all of his life, farming the land, Pa Joad has his hands full. Even though he isn't always the best at staying calm or at making...
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