Grapes of Wrath

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  • Published: December 5, 2012
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In the story “The Grapes of Wrath” by John Steinbeck tells a story about a family of eight called the Joads that are forced out of their home and has to move to find work and a new place to stay. Along the way they meet other families that have had to leave their own homes to. Along the way the family slowly loses family members while the mother is trying to keep the family together. Throughout the story it tells about the story about the Joads and it shows a more general picture of the migration of thousands of dust bowl characters. The families were not treated well while they were on the road and they did not have a lot of money to use.

The first couple chapters tells how people where forced off of their land. Men from the banks would come on to the farms in Oklahoma and they would tell the farms that they had to get off the land so that tractors could come on the land and plow everything under. The families that would not leave were forced to get out because if not men on tractors would come and make the house cave in. they had to take their belonging into town to make money so they can buy gas and food along the way. Men that did not want to leave the land that their families have lived on for generation will stay while the rest of their families move onto California and hide from the people that own the land just like a man named Muley Graves who was the Joads neighbor.

There was little work to be done in California and where you could find work there was little pay. When they Joads were at the government camp there were no places to work so they had to leave and go up north. When they got up north they found a job picking peaches but the pay was only 5 cents a box and they only made about a dollar a day which pays for dinner and that was all. When there was a job that only need 800 people then 2,000 people would show up to work and then people would start to fight and argue over the fruit or cotton that they were picking. The children helped work so that they would make more money and so there was more people to work. The money that they did make they had to spend it on food and if you did get a fair amount of pay you would be able to buy a new suit or dress to where. It was very hard to find a place to stay and live. There were some government camps but they were usually full. Families could set little tents on the side of the road. They could stay hoovervilles and live in little shacks made of scrap metal and anything else they could find and use. Some of the places had little one room buildings to live in just like the Joads did when they were working in the peach orchard or like when they were working in the cotton fields and they had a few boxcars to live in but they had to share with another family and when they ran out people would put up little tents The people that live in California don’t want the people so they find ways to get them out of their towns. The families would set up little camps called hoovervilles and the cops would come and tell them to get of the land or they will burn their supplies down. This happened to Joads and they didn’t have very many supplies so they got off the land. When they were staying at the camp the cops tried to make the camp shut down by trying to start a riot so that they could come in. there was a strike at the peach farm where the Joads worked and when they tried to break up the fight tom saw his friend get his head smashed in so he killed the cop and then the family had to leave so wouldn’t go back to jail. When the families crossed over the state line there were people that searched cars to make sure they were not bringing any seeds over them and then they would strip search the cars that were before they could come into California. Throughout the story the Joad family lost members of their family along the way. The first member was grandpa Joad because he died of a stroke and they had to bury him on side of the road. The next member that they lost was grandma Joad...
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