Granting Additional Powers to Victoria Police

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  • Published : October 26, 2010
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Victoria police should be granted additional powers to stop and search people and to move them on.

In every society there is a struggle of give and take between the desire to live free from intrusions and invasions of privacy, yet still be safe and protected from physical harm. Police powers to search and move on individuals are an issue at the centre of this problem and finding the perfect balance seems near impossible. Complete freedom to move without regulation or restriction is a precursor to anarchy however invasive and over the top powers will compromise freedoms in a negative manner. The introduction of additional police powers to search and move on individuals and groups will greatly increase prevention of violence, particularly those involving weapons, use of illegal substances and group related crimes such as bashing and rape. Assault offences increased by approximately 7.4% from 2007 to 2009 illustrating that violence is a disease of society that needs prevention to act as the cure. A major implication of additional police powers will be the ability to search and seize weapons more freely, which will combat the 23.3% increase of rifle related assault that occurred across 2007 to 2009. A prime focus area where police will be inclined to exert proposed additional powers will be city areas, particularly on Friday and Saturday nights to combat the apparent altercations with the use of weapons and those incited by drug use. A second focus area is sporting events, during these events there is often a potent mixture of alcohol and flaring emotions with people provoking one another and resulting in violent outbursts. A notable incident in sport violence was in 2001 in a Melbourne vs. Perth soccer game when Melbourne supporters attacked Perth players and coach. Australia has long been considered a passionate country especially in relation to sport, but when passion crosses the line and what was once a family friendly event that brought the community...
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