Grant Review and Evaluation

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  • Published : October 1, 2012
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Grant Review and Evaluation
Armelia Bailey
August 5, 2012
Instructor: Vanessa Sablar

Grant Review and Evaluation
Nonprofit organizations prepare grant proposals based on the eligibility requirements, and guidelines set forth by grantors to fund various programs. The key to winning grants is to ensure the proposal includes important information about the program goals and objectives, the organizational background, and community needs among other factors. If the organization is not successful in outlining a roadmap of how the program will look for the grantor it is unlikely the agency will secure the grant. The We Care Foundation provides grants to religious woman in the United States for special projects in communities. The Cebola Early Childhood Center provides services within the community that minimizes the negativity of isolation for Hispanic Children in Northern New Mexico. The proceeding evaluation is the result of an analysis of the major components within the Cebola Early Childhood Center grant proposal submitted to the We Care Foundation to determine if the information is compelling enough to win the grant (Carlson, 2002). Credibility Component

Parents in the community implemented the Cebola Early Childhood Center program to provide education for Hispanic children in a remote area of Northern New Mexico, in which educational resources were non-existent. The organization is in its sixth year, is established as a good investment and credible agency, received an award to build a Cebola Early childhood facility to continue with the organizational mission of minimizing the negative affect of isolation and poverty on the target population. The staff is well-trained, the Program Director, Becky Smith is a lifelong community resident, possess a CDA license, and qualified to run the program. The supervisors that manage the program are part of the Indigenous culture, have extensive child development training, and recently acquired CDA degrees. Katherine Jones is an outstanding member of the community, chairperson of the board, oversees the project, and is the main contact person for the program (Carlson, 2002). Need Component

The Cebola Early Childhood Center describes the need as no educational resources for young Hispanic children in Northern New Mexico. The issues described outline reasonable dimensions of problems that include poverty, isolation, which create a difficult environment for child development. Lifelong inadequacies the children are likely to experience because of these difficulties include a lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem, and school failure. The organization did not provide relevant data to support the client needs. However, the area is remote, and a lack of credible data may not exist for the target population. It is necessary to request more information from the Cebola Early Childhood Center about this section of the proposal. The organization established the programs current need for funds because the agency provides the educational services to the community on a small efficient budget. Each year the anticipated financial need is $100,000; however, only a few resources are available because of the remote area, so We Care funding is necessary to help maintain the project (Carlson, 2002). Objectives Component

Measureable outcomes described in the proposal include providing the same high quality services the agency previously provided to approximately 25 children in the upcoming months. The process includes providing a strong education so children will master the earliest developmental stages of life. This will result in future success in school, self-confidence, and a more positive self-image. Another measurable outcome includes providing services to family members who care for the children through training and other services. The process is feasible because the organization only serves 25 children and families; the center attends to the participants needs in a comprehensive...
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