Grandpa to Me

Topics: Family, Grandparent, Cowboy Pages: 3 (1242 words) Published: March 21, 2013
R Truby 1
Robert T. Truby
Instructor Vincent Basso
English 101.064
30 January 2012
Robert H. Truby
I have a grandfather named Robert Henry Truby. Before he was born in 1945, two of his uncles were shot and killed. One was named Bill and another was named Sam. In the early 1900s, there was a feud between my family and another up by Bondad, Colorado. A gangster rancher by the name of Ike Cox shot two of his uncles as a result of this family feud. The mother could not bear the chance of losing another son. Right after Sam’s death, she decided to move the family and their cattle to New Mexico. My bloodline moved to an unforgiving desert seeking survival. They moved to a remote location called Largo Canyon to raise their cattle and children. The dry summers were hot and the winters were cold. A presence of a prior civilization cultivated the surrounding landscape with Native American culture and evidence. Coyotes and cattle didn’t always get along so Henry, my great grandfather, trapped coyotes. Coincidently, coyotes were worth more than cattle at the time. A lot of people lost their ranch to the bank or to the government because of tax foreclosures, but not Henry. Henry used his money to buy ranches surrounding his own for a small price. After that the Truby ranch reached sixty-six sections, totaling 42,240 acres. The amount of responsibility with that much land was staggering. For example, guarantying a thousand cows have what they need is like having a thousand babies R Truby 2

making certain they have what they need. To some, raising cattle was harder than raising children. My family was invested in cattle and did what they had to do to get by. Henry had one son named Robert Henry Truby, my grandfather. I call him Papo (Pah-Poe.) Robert helped his father with the ranch since he could walk. Robert had an overwhelming love and trust towards his father. He left for Las Cruces to attend their university to study Animal Science; however, he would drive over...
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