Grandpa Peters Memoir

Topics: John F. Kennedy assassination, John F. Kennedy, Understanding Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Price Peters
Ms. Sosbee
English III AP Period 1
19 October 2012
Grandpa Peters
He was a man of intelligence and principle. He was one of the men who stood over President John F. Kennedy as he was closely being examined by a team of six the lead surgeons in their fields. This describes the impactful man, my Grandfather, Dr. Paul Conrad Peters senior. Jolly and delighted, I always wanted to rush to my grandfather’s house whether it was Christmas or just for some social occasion. The opportunity to sit in a warm, but serious room while being read endless amounts of factual children’s animal story books. Cautiously, I listened to him read me every book as I soaked in every word knowing his goal was for me to discover a deeper, more intelligent meaning behind each book. Understanding the elaborate life lesson of the story seemed to be the main objective, but I was four.

Remaining capable of doing such an arduous task is difficult but as time went on I slowly understood his purpose. Paul always urged my siblings and I to strife for greatness and nothing less, but in his opinion there was only one way. If you didn’t make straight A’s in the classroom then success would not come easily. To this day I can’t say I’ve been able to life up to that standard one hundred percent, but I understand his motive for pushing us to become successful.

All of his children entered the field of medicine and have had very successful careers, so once they were done with school it was my turn to be put under the spot light for getting an eighty nine in third grade math. Tears frequently forced their way into the equation as he lectured us why grades had such high importance, but the comforting hand that came from him showed us he did this because he cared.

Understanding this support came difficult to understand for a while, but his words gave me a fiery motivation to go out and succeed. Showing an endless amount of support for our academic success I knew he had my back. Even as...
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