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My grandpa Eddie is unlike any other step-grandfather I have ever been around. He is young, vibrant and in phenomenal condition. The outdoors in general covers all his passions. When it comes to job titles, he has done it all, and experienced everything life has to offer. His morals and ideals have been lost in this generation, where a man’s word no longer means everything. He never got the chance to have children so he has treated me like a son since the day I was born. As a young child, I had to live at my grandparent’s house because of my parents having me at such a young age. During this time and times to come his kind and guiding ways helped sculpt me into the young man I am today.

Grandpa grew up in Sand Springs, where athletics and the outdoors meant everything. With an arm like a cannon, he would throw out any runners trying to steal the bases. Being in great physical condition and his love for competition carried on into his adulthood where he thrived as a bodybuilder. Grandpa is currently fifty four years of age and has a max bench-press of three hundred and seventy pounds. The term as strong as an ox pertains to him in every way. Grandpa has taught me how to properly lift and set up routines for daily exercise. His great physical condition has been maintained not only by exercising but by exploring the great outdoors. A day does not pass by that he can not be found in God’s creation exploring the extravagant wildlife, either hunting, fishing, or just enjoying the true serenity that is not found in the never resting city. He has passed on his passion to many in our generation including myself. After years of being under grandpa’s tutelage, whether it is gun safety or how to be a good man, I am proud to know I can not only face the outdoors alone but this tough world as well.

Grandpa had an eventful but unusual life after high school. He moved to the mountains of Montana where temperatures would often reach below zero. The extreme...

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