Grandmother's House

Topics: Family, Cooking, Grandparent Pages: 2 (912 words) Published: October 22, 2010
Grandmother's House

My grandmother’s house has a very special place in my heart. As the family has gotten older and we have all had our own children we do not visit as we should. I visited with my grandmother many times when I was little. Her house always seemed to have something about it that set it apart from all the rest. As you walk into the back door of her house you would notice a long, narrow kitchen that led into the main living and dining room of her house. The smell of food home cooked food was quite evident. Grandmother cooked every day and always cooked big meals on holidays for the family. My grandmothers house was always full of laughter and many cheers. Our family used to call it our home away from home, it's like we never visited enough. There was always someone over visiting and usually it was family. My grandmothers doors were always open to everyone no matter what the situation. When we visited grandmother she would tell us very seriously to act nicely, or she would be very upset with us. My grandmother was always in the kitchen of her house. This is where she would always ask us did we want peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We would sit in her kitchen for hours and watch birds eat from the birdfeeder in the tree outside the window and if it were warm enough outside we would go play on the swing set that is probably still standing in the same place. In the summer time my grandmother and whoever happened to be at the house would sit on the back porch and talk for hours about any and everything imaginable, while we played in the yard. She always seemed to have the right answer for everything, even if it were something we (the kids) knew nothing about until it happened. She was always very active in Sunday school, making crafts, cooking, cleaning, or helping with some sort of function, but she always had time for the ones she loved. Visiting at my grandmothers house was indeed a lot of fun because she was so easy going with me. She...
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