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It’s a tough question, isn’t it? For me, we do need both of these. Paper qualification is more like an indicator that shows that you’ve learnt/mastered/knowledgeable on the field that you’ve studied. IN other words it shows that you are a person who know how in applying the knowledge that you’ve gained in real situation/work environment. Why? In these higher learning institutions (both private and public) you were tought in structural manner ie starting with fundamentals or basic then move on to intermediate level and later on the advance level. In between these levels you will be tested on your knowledge and understanding on the subject tought in order to ensure that you are qualified to progress to later stages.

If you noticed, the learning process is not only in the classroom or lecture hall/theater but outside as well like the way you dicipline yourselves such as meeting the assignment dateline, doing proper research in either library or nowadays internet, participate actively in group discussions, respecting others opinion and lots of things. So it means that an ideal graduate is the one who not only possess paper qualification but a good personality and able to apply his knowledge and learning skills in the real world without dismissing other opinions.

When these kind of graduates enter the real working environment, they’ll find that the process is similar of what they’ve been thru during their learning years. Group discussions, meeting assignment dateline, respecting other opinions and others. They should be able to perform their task without any major problem as they have the know how and know why. But these ppl also aware that to be competitive and enhancing their values to their respective organisation or companies, the learning process will never ends. These ppl will find new way to perform their task more efficient, trying to place themselves one step ahead of their competitors and become highly valued asset of the companies instead of...
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