Grandma's Generosity

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Grandma's Generosity

By | October 2010
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Reandrea Stapleton
EGL 1000 m/w 9-10:50am
Miss Mary Stevenson
Final Draft
Grandma’s Generosity
Do you think your grandmother is as active as mine? Standing at 5’5” at the age of seventy one(71) years old, my grandmother loves children even if they are not related to her, example on birthdays and Christmases she surprises my cousins, friends and parents with candy, clothing and even money. In her Spare time she volunteers at nursing homes, hospitals and community centers. She understands what it is like to be in need. Because of her passion for helping the underprivileged, elderly and sickly, she receives lots of acknowledgement from people who are amazed with her generosity. She tells us everyday “Always practice what you are taught”. Grandma is a very generous individual who cares for all. (Thesis)

Grandma believes in giving and hopes to receive nothing but mercy and blessings from God. Every Morning we have our devotions, she states “a family that prays together stays together” and so far We are still together. Grandma buried three important people of her life these are her mom, and two Husbands (RIP) as a result of that she has become a more active person and maintains focus on life and her immediate family, doing all she can to keep her mind off of her loved ones. She enjoys donating money, clothing and whatever food stuff she can receive to orphanages. She is Involved in the LIONS CLUB of Maryland and every year they host a bus ride either going to Atlantic city or Ocean city to raise funds for children with disabilities. Grandma looks out for others and ensures we are comfortably situated before she makes a Decision. For instance when we ( my mom, two brothers and I) migrated to the UNITED STATES oF AMERICA she had to move out of the apartment which she was renting for five years now, and purchased a house that has more room for us to be comfortable. In conclusion my grandmother is a very generous...

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