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He is about average height , rather thin , He has oval face with light brown spots  on it. He has round blue eyes . with dark straight hair and wears glasses . he is also snub nosed . He is rather tall for a Man, about 100 years of age, and I find him really slender. He puts on a little round glasses which makes him lovely. Although he is old but still looks attractive in appearance, He is dignified and reserved. She is somewhat strict at times, but never too severe or stern. His patience is wonderful and never give up explaining until all the persons understand whole story. acts very smartly !. He has somehow found a perfect balance between humor and order and it really works About his character I should mention he has a unique personality . He is a well mannered ,benevolent , humble (Halat koli) ,decisive , disciplined , hardworking , assertive ( sare kar), punctual , articulate and well educated (tahsilati) . He has a special sense of humor though he was very strict at times . All these characteristics made him a symbol in my life . He is kind of person who has lasting impressions on others . you know … even one single sentence made by a person may be imprinted in your mind and that single words can change your life . At work he is a very hard working person and those who work under him respect him very much because he is very sympathetic to them . He treats them as his own relatives . He loves his profession very much and he talks about his projects and the problems and I see his eyes glitter at the prospect of his job . May be I should say he is everything I want to be in future . In addition to all I said he is always ready to help others solve their problems of all kind . I think he worships what he does otherwise he could not infuse that much spirit in it .I think for him this is an obsession. I think high levels of expertise and adroitness may not be so difficult to achieve , but high standards of humanity are not easily attainable. He has undergone lots of problems in his life so it has helped him to have a self made independent personality . He is a decisive person , you know he is so confident that can decide and express his ideas assertively . He is a creative person that always presents new opinions, you know he is capable of considering a case from another point of view , I mean he can think differently from others .All this characteristics has made him an ideal person for consulting with .

He is an energetic person who always encourage others to progress and improve their conditions

He is an affable person who always smile and also pretty patient , you can seldom see him angry . He is cordial person who can cope with wide range of persons without facing any special problem .

He never talks behind someone back and never gossips and backbites against anybody .He is a frank person that if he does not like something or someone or disagree with something , he will express it immediately and straightforwardly .

He always respects people younger than him , especially his grandchilds and always pay special attention to them , when meet an younger person , no matter who he is or how old he is , he is always polite . he has a good relation with kids to , they adore him and he always play with them and makes them laugh Adj.

2. generous
3. fun
4. exciting
5. trustworthy
6. faithful
7. reliable
8. dependable
9. thoughtful
10. reassuring
11. sweet
12. friendly
13. helpful
14. honest
15. nice
16. adventurous
17. articulate
18. hard working
19. centered
20. Cuddly
1. sweet
2. thoughtful
3. pleasant
4. funny
5. considerate
6. caring
7. admirable
8. kind
9. selfless
10. understanding
11. cute
12. pretty
13. sympathetic
14. sensitive
15. genuine
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