Grand Torino

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Grand Torino
The film Grand Torino contrasts selfish materialistic, unspiritual characters to characters that think of others before themselves. Some minor characters in the film demonstrate selfish ego centric behaviour. In contrast, other minor characters display selfless acts and show care for other individuals. Also this film displays a great deal of transformation through the major and the main characters in the film. The major character in ‘Grand Torino’ is Thao. Thao starts off in the film as an anxious, self-absorbed, fearful “boy. Then, as the film progresses Thao emerges as a young man with confidence and a great deal since of awareness. The main character in this film is Walt Kowalski. Walt begins the film as an unspiritual, racist and cruel individual. However, with the help of Thao Walt becomes the most un-materialistic, spiritual character in the film. In turn, Walt helps Thao find his confidence and brings out the young man he had in him. Some minor characters in the film demonstrate selfish, ego centric traits. For example, the character Trey. When Trey escorts Sue through the African American ghetto, he shows a complete lack of awareness of his surroundings and also a lack of concern for Sue’s safety. Then when Trey and Sue are confronted by the three gang members, Trey refers to one of the members as his ‘brother’. Trey is not African American and his attempt to “pass” is considered as an insult by the gang and in turn puts himself and Sue in even more danger. Trey shows a total lack of unawareness to the environment he’s in by taking Sue into this dangerous neighborhood and places her in serious danger by acting fake. In this scene Trey shows his ignorance towards his own race and his insensitivity towards other races. Another minor insensitive, cruel and materialistic character in the film is Ashley. Ashley arrives at the church for her grandmother’s funeral dressed inappropriately by exposing her ``belly button``. By Ashley exposing herself in such a way she demonstrates that she wants all the attention to be on her, rather than her dressing in a more suitable manner, so that the focus is more on the grief of her family members. In addition, Ashley displays her self-absorption and her ability to be so insensitive when she asks her grandfather, who is Walt, for his car, and also for some of his furniture so that she can have them for when she goes off to university during a break in the funeral reception. By her asking for Walt’s material possessions during a time of extreme grief and sorrow, is un-excusably self centred. One of the most self-absorbed, nastiest and weakest minor characters in the film, `Grand Torino` is ``Shrimp-dick``. An example of this is shown in the scene where ``shrimp-dick and the other Asian gang members corner Thao in the alley way after he comes off the bus from a long day of work. ``Shrimp-dick`` is so self absorbed that when he sees that Thao has a job and that he is making something out of himself, he feels assort of jealousy, so ``Shrimp-dick`` punches him in his face while the other gang members hold him back. This also shows ``Shrimp-dicks weakness due to the fact that himself alone cannot really hurt anyone. In no scene throughout the whole movie has ``Shrimp-dick`` injured anyone by himself. After he punches Thao, ``Shrimp-dick`` is the first to notice Thao`s tool. He then breaks his measuring tape and the rest of the Asian gang members follow by breaking various other tools. Thao`s measuring tape symbolizes growth and a tool that helps one build and grow. By ``Shrimp-dick`` choosing to break this specific tool shows that he does not want Thao to grow and better himself. Also, near the end of the scene ``Shrimp-dick`` demonstrates just how nasty he is by burning Thao`s cheek with the end of a cigarette bud. Other minor characters in `Grand Torino` demonstrate selflessness and spirituality towards others. For example, when the Priest came to Walt`s door the morning...
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