Grand Theft Auto

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Human Pages: 2 (716 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Grand Theft Auto
Sex, Crime, and Violence

In June 2003, a teenager shot and killed three members of an Alabama police force. Devin Moore, 17 years old at the time, was taken in for questioning by police in Fayette, Alabama regarding a stolen vehicle. Moore grabbed a pistol from one of the police officers and shot and killed him along with another officer and dispatcher before fleeing in a police car. One of Moore's attorneys, Jack Thompson, claimed it was Grand Theft Auto’s graphic nature, with his constant playing time, that caused Moore to commit the murders, and Moore's family agrees. Grand Theft Auto was released in 1997, a video game that promotes sex, prostitution, theft, murder, drunk driving, drug dealing, and ethnic discrimination. Each game in this series allows players to take on the role of a criminal or a wannabe in a big city, typically an individual who rises through the ranks of organized crime through the course of the game, Grand Theft Auto. This game not only has many ethical issues, it has been known to be a cause for many outraged real life murders and stolen vehicles, and probably many more incidents. This game has been censored in many countries already, and should be banned in the United States. Children (ages 6-19) who commit crimes due to this morbidly graphic video game should be treated differently since they do not know the difference between right and wrong. On 20 October 2003, the families of Aaron Hamel and Kimberly Bede, two young people shot by teens William and Josh Buckner, whose statements to investigators claimed their actions, were inspired by Grand Theft Auto: III. In July of 2004, Cody Posey played the game obsessively before murdering his father, stepmother, and stepsister on a ranch in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 2009, a six-year-old boy, who claimed he had learned to drive from the game, took his family's car on a 10-mile trip before he crashed. Ryan Chinnery, 19, prowled streets in his car targeting females he...
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