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  • Published : June 24, 2008
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The Grand Canyon National Park
Have you ever wondered how it would feel to hike along a canyon that has never before been seen by another man? Or look out into the open and see nothing but vast caves? People from all over the world come to experience that at the Grand Canyon National Park, located entirely in North Arizona. With it’s vast canyons, uncharted caves and valleys, the Grand Canyon is a very popular park for hikers of all sorts, whether you are experienced or beginner, the park offers recreational activities for everyone. The Grand Canyon has much to offer from just gazing out into the amazing scenery, hiking along a rough terrain, camping with your family for a few days or visiting the Indian reservations. The Canyon is a beautiful place to visit with your family and see the spectacular canyon created not only by the erosion but also by the magnificent Colorado river.

The Grand Canyon has much to offer tourists from all over such as hiking, site seeing, bird watching, and many other recreational activities at the lake such as rafting tours. The South rim of the Canyon is usually crowded with tourists from all over the U.S. 90% of all people who visit the Grand Canyon often visit the South Rim. While the north Rim is 250 miles away and is more remote. The Grand Canyon has many artificial lakes formed from the dams on the Salt and Colorado rivers. The park protects many animals and geological evidence from the rock layers.

One quarter of the Grand Canyon is occupied by the Indians, the most in any state, by far. Some of the tribes consists of the Navajo, Apache, Hopi. The canyon has a few national monuments, such as the Montezuma Castle, Walnut Canyon, and Wupatki.

The park is one of the worlds most natural wonders to see. In 1908 the park was founded as the a monument by Theodore Roosevelt and later in 1919 the Grand Canyon finally became a national park. The park contains over 1.2 million acres to reserve the wondrous caves and...
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