Gran Torino

Topics: Sociology, Baptism, Culture Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: July 8, 2012
1.Describe six cultural norms, practices, or customs you observed in this film. This film is about a disgruntled Korean War veteran who befriends his much younger Hmong neighbor. The Hmong practices observed in this film are:

* Formal family parties with a huge feast in celebration of the birth of a child. The child is “blessed” so that his/her “body and flesh is protected.” * When someone brings dishonor to the family, he or she must work off his/her wrong doing in order to restore honor. In Grand Torino, Walt’s (Eastwood) neighbor, a boy named Tao must work off his bad deed (attempt at theft) by doing carpentry chores. * In the Hmong culture, it is considered bad to pat someone on the head because the soul resides in the head and only certain elders have this right. Touching the opposite sex is also considered disrespectful. * Eye contact is discouraged because it is considered rude. * In Hmong culture, it is acceptable to smile or grin when yelled at because smiling is a way to express embarrassment or insecurity. * In the Hmong culture, it is acceptable not to disclose information to the authorities about fellow Hmong. There is a certain loyalty. 2. In what ways did these differ from the cultural norms, practices, or customs in your own heritage? * In my culture, babies may be baptized so that they become a part of the Christian church. Some say baptism is necessary for salvation. * In our society, to restore honor, we may apologize, ask for forgiveness and admit wrong doing. * In American culture, it is acceptable to pat children or young people on the head as a sign of affection, but it is unusual to pat an adult on the head. The head does not necessarily hold any spiritual meaning. With well known acquaintances, it is ok to touch as a sign of acceptance or closeness. On the other hand, touching can also be seen as sexual harassment if...
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