Grampa Joad in Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath

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  • Published : May 11, 2013
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Throughout today’s world, many people portray home to be a place to live. Home, on the other hand has a greater meaning. For people being able to have grown up in houses owned by their parents, they became the main source for memories as a child — the place that were played and argued and that hung artwork around and marked the wall with pencil lines as children grew and aged. For better or worse, the houses of childhoods represented an outward expression of how hard work had paid off in respect of the community. Home is a place where people are comfortable, safe, or even where they grew up with their family. Home influences the life of people and how people live their life. Throughout the Grapes of Wrath, people are drastically hurt by the sight of the dust bowl destroying their own home. Thousands had to evacuate their communities in order to stay alive, to make money, and to just protect their family. Grampa Joad in this book shows that home is not only where one lives, but how they live their life and others by his family and own geographical surroundings.

Throughout chapter ten, Grampa Joad explains that his home is where his family is from, and where he grew up. He said, “Me-I’m stayin’. I give her a goin-over all night mos’ly. This here’s my country. I b’long here. An’ I don’t give a goddamn if they’s oranges an’ grapes crowdin’ a fella outta bed even. I ain’t a-goin’. This country aint no good, but it’s my country. No, you all go ahead. I’ll just stay right here where I b’long.” Grampa Joad explains that his home is his own life and moving will change him and his culture whether there’s more tog et from leaving his own home. His home is his country; A part of his life where his is safe and benefits himself plus the benefit of others.

Many people say there home is one place, but Grampa Joad explains that his home is where he stays to live and to die. Oklahoma is where he and his family grew up and will not leave. Grampa said, “Goddamn it, I’m a ol’...
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