Grammatical Number and Verb Action Verb

Topics: Grammatical number, Sentence, Verb Pages: 2 (278 words) Published: December 19, 2012
By: Celine
Daily Grammar

September 9, 2012

1. My mom went to school at Mesa High School.
2. The answer, in fact, is in the book.
3. Verb which part of speech is honesty? Noun
4. The cat has drunk all of its milk.

September 11, 2012

1. Last summer our family went to Yellow Stone National Park 2. Mary, have you seen my binoculars?
3. Beautiful, white, peaceful, the, a
4. Children, moose’s, ox’s moose, oxen

September 13, 2012

1. We saw Judge Bamsworth at a Kiwanis club meeting.
2. Jill exclaimed, “Give me the ticket!”
3. Milk
4. Abstract

September 19, 2012
1. Did Napoleon lose at the Battle of Waterloo?
2. The correct route to take, I believe, is Route 42.
3. Declarative Imperative
4. Declarative

October 1, 2012
1. The title of this book is Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude. 2. The address should be 500 Willow Lane, Atlanta, Georgia. 3. In forming plural nouns words end with s, x, sh, ch

4. Now, later

October 7, 2012
1. Should I have asked grandma to meet us at Rustlers’ Restaurant? 2. My family and I went to Bangor Maine last summer.
3. That candidate has run in every election.
4. Subject: Tom, his brother
Verb phrase: skiing, future will be going

October 11, 2012
1. Washington, D.C, is located in the East.
2. Because school wasn’t opened, John went to the mall. 3. Subject: implied you verb: give
4. Interrogative
5. Exclamatory

October 14, 12
1. The Papago Indian reservation is located in eastern Arizona 2. Jack’s birthday is, Feb. 12, 2008.
3. Action verb linking verb
4. Linking verb action verb
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