Grammar Translation Method

Topics: Digraph, Adjective Pages: 12 (2511 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Exercise 1. Match to form noun phrases.
(Ghép các tính từ và danh từ tương ứng ở 2 cột sau để tạo ra các cụm danh từ đúng)

1. homeless 2. careless 3. comfortable 4. famous 5. industrial 6. useful 7. enjoyable 8. cloudy 9. wild 10. developing| a. mistake b. country c. animal d. family e. chair f. party g. actor h. advice i. morning j. zone|

KEY: 1d, 2a, 3e, 4g, 5j, 6h, 7f, 8i, 9c, 10b.
Exercise 2: Rewrite the sentences below by putting the given adjectives into their correct position in the sentences. (Viết lại các câu sau và đặt tính từ trong ngoặc vào đúng vị trí của nó trong câu)

1. Bring me something to drink. (cool)

2. The leaves turn in autumn. (yellow)

3. Vietnam is a country. (rich and beautiful)

4. I found him still in his bed. (asleep)

5. Constant rain kept the river. (full)

6. She has a basket of flowers. (full)

7. Isn’t she a girl? (pretty)

8. It is a house. (new, nice)

9. Wealth doesn’t make a man. (happy)

10. Isn’t the boy? (clever)

1. Bring me something cool to drink.
2. The leaves turn yellow in autumn.
3. Vietnam is a rich and beautiful country.
4. I found him still asleep in his bed.
5. Constant rain kept the river full.
6. She has a basket full of flowers.
7. Isn’t she a pretty girl?
8. It is a nice new house.
9. Wealth doesn’t make a man happy.
10. Isn’t the boy clever?

Exercise 3: Choose the correct answer choice to complete the following sentences. (Chọn đáp án đúng nhất để hoàn thành các câu sau)

1. Going out on your own is incredibly _____.
A. bored B. boring
2. I found your results very _____.
A. disappointing B. disappointed
3. I was _____ to hear they’re getting married.
A. tired B. tiring
4. She was quite _____ when her car broke down in the middle of the storm.
A. frightening B. frightened
5. He was _____ to see us because he wasn’t expecting us.
A. surprised B. surprising
6. I get _____ by people who make a noise when they eat.
A. annoyed B. annoying
7. Teaching young children can be very ______.
A. rewarded B. rewarding
8. I thought the National Gallery was _____.
A. amazed B. amazing
9. He passed the test, which was very ______.
A. surprising B. surprised
10. The children are very _____ about their school trip.
A. excited B. exciting
1B 2A 3A 4B 5A 6A 7B 8B 9B 10A

Exercise 4: Choose the most suitable adjectives to complete the sentences below (Chọn tính từ phù hơp nhất để hoàn thành câu) 1. Latin is not a _____ language.
A. alive
B. living
C. lived
D. liveful
2. The man is always complaining that he can’t live on a _____ salary.
A. small
B. cheap
C. trivial
D. inexpensive
3. The old man lived in a _____ cabin but he didn’t feel _____.
A. alone, lonely
B. lonely, lonely
C. lonely, alone
D. alone, alone
4. What a _____ day it is!
A. lively
B. likely
C. lovely
D. dearly
5. Our country has been a _____ one in the world.
A. high-developing
B. highly-developing
C. high-developed
D. highly-developed
6. The _____ music hall looks very luxurious.
A. newly building
B. built new
C. newly built
D. new built
7. We felt ______ when we realized that perhaps we had offended Mr. Lee A. uncomfortably
B. comfortably
C. comfort
D. uncomfortable
8. Has your last Ford been located? – It was found ______ on the highway. A. abandoned
B. to be abandoned
C. abandon
D. to be abandoned
9. I didn’t enjoy the...
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