Grammar Translation

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  • Published : January 22, 2013
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TEORYES OF LANGUAGE: * Translation of the foreign language to first language. * Read and appreciate foreign language literature| OBJETIC:A fundamental purpose of learning a foreign language is to be able to read literature written in the target language. To do this students need to learn about the grammar rules and vocabulary of the target language.It is believed that studying a foreign language provides students with good mental exercise which helps develop their minds.| * Written tests where students must translate from their native language to the target language or vice versa. * Questions about the foreign culture. * Questions to apply grammar rules| TEORYES OF LEARNING: * Grammar rules * vocabulary| SYLLABUS: * grammar rules * vocabulary| * If students make errors or don’t know an answer, the teacher supplies them with the correct answer| | ACTIVITY TYPES * Are taught to translate from one language to another. * Study grammar deductively. * Learn grammatical paradigms. * Memorize native language equivalents for foreign language vocabulary words.| | | LEARNERT ROLES: * The students do as he says so they can learn what he knows * Role of the students’ native language: Students’ native language is mostly used in the class; Target language is made clear by translating it into the students’ native language. * Little student interaction. * Little student-student interaction.| | | TEACHER ROLES: * Teacher is the authority in the classroom * Interation from the teacher to students.| | | ROLES OF MATERIAL: * Literary, language is considered superior to spoken language and Culture is viewed as consisting of literature and the fine arts and for this reason the students read and appreciate foreign language literature. It was thought that foreign language learning would help students grow intellectually * Language skills...
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