Grammar Practice Test

Topics: Sentence, Investment, Christopher Nolan Pages: 4 (1203 words) Published: March 21, 2013
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I. Identify the clause elements in the following sentences (20 points, 2 point for each blank). 1. Saturn is one of the most beautiful planets to look at through a telescope because of the many rings that surround it. A. Complement:_______________________________________________________ B. Adverbial:________________________________________________________ 2. The boy scouts teach their members an “Outdoor Code” before they camp. A. Direct Object:_______________________________________________________ B. Indirect Object:______________________________________________________ 3. The direction a hurricane’s spiral moves is counterclockwise. A. Subject:____________________________________________________________ B. Complement :_______________________________________________________ 4. These criminals might have been guilty of murder.

A. Predicate Verb: _____________________________________________________ B. Complement: ______________________________________________________ 5. Hurricane winds can blow as fast as 180 miles (290 kilometers) an hour. A. Predicate Verb: ____________________________________________________ B. Adverbial:_______________________________________________________

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II. Choose the best answer from the four choices marked A,B,C and D (80 points, 2 point for each multiple-choice question). 1. Recently, he has lost all his _____ at cards.
A. wages and saving B. wages and saving
C. wage and savings D. wages and savings.
2. That magnificent _____ temple was constructed by the Chinese. A. eight-centuries-old B. old-eight-centuries
C. eight-century’s-old D. eight-century-old
3. Why is there _______ traffic on the streets in February than in May? A. fewer B. less C. little D. fewer
4. The students spent ________ their time working in the field. A. both B....
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