Grammar Lesson

Topics: Adjective, Parts of speech, Syntax Pages: 3 (705 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Alyssa Kirk
Lang 331
Linguistics and Modern Grammar
October 9,2012

Lesson Plan Submitted By: Alyssa Kirk

Lesson Plan Titles: Adverbs Bring Writing to Life!

Learning Level: This lesson should be taught to a third grade classroom, however it could be introduced to a younger group if modified.

Pre-Instruction/Previous Knowledge: We have been previously working on nouns, verbs, and adjectives. We are able to create simple sentences, however it is time to add life to our writing.

Lesson Duration: 10 Minutes

Learning Location: This lesson could be taught indoors or outside. The lesson works best if students are together in pairs or small groups.

o Small white boards
o Expo markers/erasers
o Flashcards with adverbs written on them
o Adverb hand out

Learning Objectives: By the end of the lesson the students will have a clear understanding of what an adverb is and will be able to identify them in a sentence. Students will be able to create a sentence using adverbs correctly.

1. Review what nouns, verbs and adjectives are
2. Begin lesson and explain to students what adverbs are. a. Adverbs are words that can modify a verb, adjective or adverb, however today we are only working on how they modify a verb. b. They describe our verb or “action” word.

c. They typically explain the: how, when or where of the sentence. i. Examples: Emma left early. Adverb? What question does that answer? ii. Lily and Ben played here. Adverb? What question does that answer? iii. Yesterday we played soccer. Adverb? What question does that answer? 3. Begin activity: have students pair up and give them a white board and maker. Have one student come up and pick a flashcard from me. Explain to students that we are going to find out what adverb the student is acting out. The students will write their answers on the white board to see if they can come up with...
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